Jims System



Jim (left) has a 1/2 barrel extract system that could be converted to an all grain system by adding a mash tun and hot liquor tank.  John (right) is another brew club member who is currently  without a system, so he thought he would get on the web page this way.


Jim's  system has a copper tube with holes drilled in the bottom in the boil kettle  to filter out whole hops and trub


If you ever want to build a no weld tank take a look at the photo below.  That  is a fiber washer (available at any hardware store) behind a standard 1/2" ball valve.  On the inside of the keg the ball valve screws into a compression fitting with a stainless washer (see above picture).  The  fiber washer is superior to any weldless kit you can buy because they all  come with a flimsy "O" ring that will blow out the side if you put any  torque  on it.  All you need is an angle grinder with a thin blade to take the  top of the keg and a drill bit the big enough for the compression fitting threads to go through.





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