The Redwood Coast Brewers Association is a group of home brewers who meet monthly (except December) to share home brew, discuss brewing and evaluate and discuss various home brewed and store bought beers and eat lots of great food.  The club members are mostly from Santa Cruz County, but some members live further away.  We have members who are experienced all grain brewers with custom built systems as well as extract brewers and aspiring brewers who still purchase most of their beers from the store or brewpub.  This page was created to both showcase our home made home brew system and to provide information about our club. The club also organizes pub crawl bus trips to bay area and other microbreweries.

If you would like more information about the club or if you have questions about any of the systems e-mail Dennis Nolan

We are not affiliated with Redwood Coast Brewing (but we like the sign they have in a local pub!)


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